Local Telephone

Champlain Technology Group local phone service includes the most commonly used calling features built in, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Voice Mail.

Calling Features Quick Reference

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to see who’s calling before you answer. The Champlain Technology Group offers two Caller ID services: Classic Caller ID and Caller ID Deluxe. Classic Caller ID only displays the number of the calling party. Caller ID Deluxe displays both the name and number of the calling party.

A special display device is required to display Caller ID names/numbers. Caller ID boxes can be purchased from The Champlain Technology Group. Your Caller ID device can also store the numbers of people who called even when you were out.

Caller ID enhances security and helps eliminate harassing calls.

How To Use Caller ID

Call Waiting

Call waiting lets you know if another call is coming in while your line is in use. Call waiting will alert you with a tone to indicate another call is coming in.

How to use Call Waiting

Caller ID with Call Waiting

This feature allows Caller ID and Call Waiting to work together. When you have this feature, you will hear the call waiting tone and be able to look at your Caller ID display to decide if you’d like to answer the incoming call. If you would like to speak with the other party calling in, simply use your flash or hook button to connect the other caller as you would normally do using Call Waiting. If you choose not to speak to the incoming call simply ignore the call, and call them back once your initial call is complete.

Toll Denial

This denies access to long distance numbers while still permitting local calls. Local calls include 800/888/877/866/855 numbers and 911. This feature will also deny access to directory assistance and operator calls.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail is a simple to use voice-answering system for residential and business subscribers. Callers can leave messages for you if you line is busy, no answer or both. Contact our Business Office at 518-298-2411 and choose option 2 to activate this service.

Accessing your voicemail | Setting up your voicemail | Listening to your messages

Warm Line

This is a way to ensure safety of your loved ones in emergency situations. When injury or panic makes it difficult to dial an emergency number, Warm Line makes sure someone can easily be reached to help. Just 30 seconds after taking the phone off the hook, a pre-programmed number is automatically dialed. For regular calls, simply pick up the phone and dial any telephone number within 30 seconds.

Wire Maintenance

This optional line insurance covers your wires or jacks inside your home if they need to be repaired. Please contact our Business Office at 518-298-2411 for more information on this optional coverage.


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