Our History

Providing continuous service to Champlain, Mooers, Mooers Forks, Rouses Point and Altona, New York since 1903.

The Champlain Technology Group (CTG) is a regulated telecommunications company providing residential and commercial services to Champlain, Mooers, Mooers Forks, Rouses Point, and Altona.

The Facts

CTG was founded September 24, 1903. The principals of the company at that time were Mr. Maurice Knapp, Mr. Orin Southwick and Mr. A.B. Spellman. Today, CTG remains a family business with third and fourth generation family members actively involved with the company.

CTG has built and maintained its entire local communications network. Originally, CTG strung all its own wire on poles, which were bought and milled in the local area.

  • 1920’s Party Lines – some up to 18 on a line
  • 1950’s Automated switching with a dial tone
    • June 1955: 1,200 rural customers have the ability to dial their own calls
  • 1960’s Direct distance dialing
  • 1980’s Conversion from electrical-mechanical system to fully automated system
    • New features introduced e.g. speed dialing, call forwarding, call waiting party conference calls
  • 1990’s Dial-up Internet Service
    • 1991, CTG became the first small, independent telephone company in New York with a 100 percent fiber optic “backbone”.
  • 2001 DSL product introduced

Customers and Lines

December 31, 1911December 31, 2006
Residential Customers5033,527
Business Customers52526
Total number of lines5555,798


1907Basically a two-man operation
1960’sApproximately 27
1990’sApproximately 32
TodayApproximately 44


The Champlain Technology Group