Village of Rouses Point and Champlain Technology Group to Introduce Fiber Optic Internet & Phone Service On Pratt Street

Rouses Point, NY- Fiber optic cable has recently been installed on Pratt Street in the Village of Rouse Point as part of a very progressive plan by the local municipality. The enhancement was paid for through a Regional 2012 EPF Grant/Waterfront Revitalization Priority Project from New York State. Fiber optic internet service transmits information from one place to another, through pulses of light sent through optical fiber. Fiber optic technology is superior to other forms of transmission because there is virtually no limit to the amount of information it can carry. It is also less likely to be affected by weather and other environmental conditions, making it a very secure and reliable form of communication.

Through this infrastructure upgrade on Pratt Street, the Village of Rouses Point has made state-of-the-art technology, traditionally found only in urban areas for residential use, available here. This major upgrade in the communications infrastructure has been brought to residents via underground facilities, providing the network with extra protection from environmental conditions and enhancing the beauty of the waterfront community of Rouses Point.

George Rivers, Mayor of Rouses Point, commented, “It is clear that Internet technology is rapidly changing the way we live and work. The internet now drives how we do business, how our children learn in the classroom, and our everyday lives at home. This makes our communication infrastructure more important than ever. The Village of Rouses Point is proud to work with our long-standing partner Champlain Technology Group to make this upgrade possible for Pratt Street residents. Representatives from Champlain Technology Group will be reaching out to these residents over the next few weeks to make the individual arrangements necessary for each home to be converted to fiber optics.”

The Village of Rouses Point is an active waterfront community located on the picturesque shores of Lake Champlain, in the northeast part of New York State. The Village offers an array of historical attractions, shopping and dining, events, festivals and endless outdoor recreation. It’s an ideal place to live, work and play. Founded in 1783, Rouses Point is cherished for its friendly, relaxed atmosphere, striking landscape and rich history.

The Champlain Technology Group is an independent local exchange carrier that has been providing continuous high-quality telecommunications services to the communities of Champlain, Rouses Point, Mooers, Mooers Forks, and Altona since 1903. PrimeLink was established in 1997 and is a full service telecommunications company providing a wide array of advanced services, including local and long distance telephone service and broadband internet access for residential and business customers over its fiber optic network.

The Champlain Technology Group