Champlain Technology Group Adds New Fiber Optic Locations on Irona & Devils Den Roads in Altona

Champlain, NY— Champlain Technology Group is proud to announce that it has recently expanded its fiber optic internet service locations. The expansion includes 50 customers on the Irona Road  and 16 customers on Devils Den Road in Altona. This update in network service will provide customers with more convenient internet for faster, more reliable service. Champlain Technology Group will continue to update the level of service throughout the Northern Tier of New York to provide more efficient service to more customers.

Fiber optic internet is a high-speed internet service that uses thin cables made of glass fiber to transfer data as light signals rather than electricity.

Fiber optic internet is a faster, more reliable service than copper cables. Upload and download speeds are increased, and data is sent much more quickly through fiber cables. In addition to transferring data faster, fiber optic cables transfer data safer. 

The Champlain Technology Group is an independent local exchange carrier that has been providing continuous high-quality telecommunications services to the communities of Champlain, Rouses Point, Mooers, Mooers Forks, and Altona since 1903. For more information, visit the Champlain Technology Group website at                                                                                



The Champlain Technology Group